Protein Bowl

We had quite a heavy breakfast and wasn’t hungry at lunch so my dear hubby suggested we have early dinner but without the carb. In this case, no grains should be involved so instead of rice, we have quinoa (which is not grains but seeds). Quinoa (Keen-wah) is high in protein. So my Protein Bowl includes quinoa, tempeh, roasted vegetables and raw vegetables. Not too heavy for dinner but it makes you full. Love it!


1/4 cup white quinoa

1/4 cup red quinoa

1/2 block of tempeh sliced thinly length-wise

1/2 onion sliced

1 clove garlic minced

1 inch ginger minced

1/2 red bell pepper cut length- wise

1 zucchni sliced

6 brussel sprouts halved

a few leafs lettuce

grounded black pepper

salt to taste

Sauce for the tempeh

1/4 cup tamari sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp brown rice syrup


For the quinoa

1. Soaked 1/2 cup of quinoa for at least half an hour.

2. Rinse the quinoa under running water in a strainer. This will remove the excess saponins on the grains which gives the bitter flavour.

3. Place one cup of water to 1/2 cup of quinoa in a saucepan over medium-heat and bring it to boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer the quinoa for about 15 mins or until the grain becomes translucent. You should see the white germ forms a visible spiral on the grain.

4. Remove the quinoa from the heat and let it stand for about 5 mins.

5. Fluff it with a fork and serve.

For the roasted vegetables

1. Prepare the vegetables. Toss them in the coconut oil. Add salt and grounded black pepper.

2. Place the vegetables on the baking sheet in the pre-heated oven.

3. Bake for about 10 minutes and turn them halfway through.

For the tempeh

1. Cut the tempeh into thin slices. Fry them in coconut oil over medium heat until lightly brown on both side and set it aside.

2. Fry the onion until carmelised and add in the garlic and ginger paste.

3. Reduce heat and add the sauce for tempeh. Keep stirring until the tempeh are all coated and the tempeh start to caramelised.

Once the vegetables and tempeh are ready, served them with quinoa.